Trump suspends entry of certain foreign workers despite business opposition

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Trump suspends entry of certain foreign workers despite business opposition

The US President Donald Trump alongside his Administration had cancelled entrance of certain foreign workers into the United States late on Monday, a move what White House said could help the pandemic-hit US economy, however, several business groups had strongly opposed the approach citing it could even delay the fiscal recovery.

In point of fact, late on Monday, the US President Donald Trump had issued a presidential proclamation that in effect would temporarily prevent foreign workers from entering into the United States, while the Trump’s presidential decree had included H-1B and L Visas, which were issued respectively for skilled employees and specialized employees being swapped within a company.

Trump’s suspension of skilled foreign visas to hurt tech tycoons the most

In factually, while the Trump Administration had barred US-based entities from issuing visas for skilled foreign employees until the end of the year, a move that analysts said would aid in Trump’s long-sought cause to limit migration of foreign workers into the US, the cap would likely to hit the technology sectors the most including the tech giants likes of Amazon and Google.

Besides, a senior official of Trump Administration said shortly after the announcement in an interview with a press agency that the presidential proclamation which would take effect on Wednesday until end-2020, would open up as many as 525,000 jobs for the US citizens currently occupied by the foreign skilled workers.

Nonetheless, the official could not disclose how the Administration had integrated the figures, but was quoted saying that the move was aimed at getting the Americans back to work as fast as possible.

However, critics of the measures including the major tech titans as well as the US Chamber of Commerce were quoted saying that the suspension of visas for foreign skilled workers would stall the economic recovery instead of gearing it up adding Trump had been capitalizing on the Pandemic issue to achieve his long-standing goal to curb immigration.