New Jersey’s J&J loses bid to overturn baby talc verdict in Missouri appeals court


New Jersey’s J&J loses bid to overturn baby talc verdict in Missouri appeals court

On Tuesday, an appeals court in the US state of Missouri had rejected the embattled pharmaceutical and consumer goods company Johnson & Johnson’s bid to overturn a prior jury verdict that went in favour of women who had blamed their ovarian cancers on J&J’s baby talc powder containing asbestos, a potential carcinogen, however, the Missouri appeals court had downsized the amount of liabilities by more than a half to $2.12 billion.

In point of fact, the appeals court of Missouri had reduced the original ruling of $4.69 billion in punitive measures on J&J issued on July 2018 after dismissing claims of 22 women alongside their families, however, the court had ruled that the plaintiffs had provided enough evidence to prove that the company had been concealing the presence of cancer-causing asbestos at its baby talc powder for decades and published a number of articles on reputed newspaper in a bid to play down the safety hazards of it talc powder.

In tandem, Tuesday’s appeals court verdict came forth just a month after J&J had stopped selling its baby talc powder in the United States and Canada.

J&J pledges to appeal to the Missouri Supreme Court

Nonetheless, while the appeals court of Missouri had rejected to overturn the previous ruling and had again held the company responsible for hiding potentially critical data from the consumers saying, “Plaintiffs proved with convincing clarity that defendants engaged in outrageous conduct because of an evil motive or reckless indifference.

There was significant reprehensibility in defendants’ conduct,” a spokesperson for J&J, Kim Montagnino, was quoted saying shortly after the verdict that the New Jersey-based US pharmaceutical and consumer goods company would appeal against the ruling in the Missouri Supreme Court adding “This was a fundamentally flawed trial, grounded in a faulty presentation of the facts.

We deeply sympathize with anyone suffering from cancer, which is why the facts are so important. We remain confident that our talc is safe, asbestos free, and does not cause cancer.