California’s Tesla to make molecule printers for German pandemic vaccine developer

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California’s Tesla to make molecule printers for German pandemic vaccine developer

Tesla Inc., the unquestionable trailblazer in the global automotive industry, had been creating a mobile molecule printer in a bid to assist a German vaccine manufacturer CureVac, whose pandemic vaccines had reportedly shown progresses in animal trials, the Palo Alto, California-based e-vehicle industry titan Tesla Inc.

boss Elon Musk said in a tweet on Wednesday. As a matter of fact, latest development on CureVac’s pandemic vaccine development program came forth a day after the Tesla Inc. had become the most valuable carmaker in the world in terms of market valuation which on Tuesday’s market closure was stood roughly at $209 billion or 3 per cent higher than its closest competitor Toyota Motors Corp.

Tesla to create mRNA vaccine production unit for CureVac

Aside from that, according to the German vaccine manufacturer CureVac, which a number of US-based equity funds and pharmaceuticals had made failed attempts to purchase during the early days of the pandemic, was quoted saying earlier that it was developing a portable and automated production unit for its mRNA based vaccines, dubbed as printers by the German vaccine maker that Musk described at his tweet as “RNA microfactories”.

On top of that, while CureVac has been building a new site that could heighten up its output by tenfold to billions of doses, Musk was quoted saying in a tweet on Wednesday night that the “RNA microfactories” would be manufactured at Tesla Grohmann Automation site in Germany.

In fact, Tesla had purchased the Grohmann automation site back in the 2016s in order to develop an automated manufacturing system for e-vehicle batteries and fuel cells to expand its operation.

Apart from that, reaffirming the Wednesday night tweet of the Tesla head Elon Musk, a person familiar with the CureVac was quoted saying earlier on Thursday that the German vaccine developer had been working with Tesla’s Grohmann unit to develop the mobile printer technology for quite a while.