Seattle retailer Amazon bans, then unbans TikTok app from employee mobile devices

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Seattle retailer Amazon bans, then unbans TikTok app from employee mobile devices

Shortly after the Seattle, Washington-based world’s largest online retailer Amazon had banned the embattled Chinese video sharing app TikTok from its employees’ mobile devices on Friday, following a meet with the TikTok officials later part of the day, Amazon had phased out its decision to ban the TikTok app, unbanning the video sharing app, calling the initial move a mistake.

In point of fact, the Inc. initial move to ban usage of TikTok among its employees had triggered widespread attention, since the announcement came forth shortly after the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had been quoted saying that the United States had been looking to ban a number of Chinese social media platforms including TikTok.

Apart from that, latest Amazon move also followed a ban over the use of TikTok in India, a home to more than 20 million user-base of the Chinese video sharing app, which came forth as part a retaliation regarding a border dispute with China over Northern Himalayan territory.

Questions whirl over Amazon’s initial move to ban TikTok

Meanwhile, as it remains unclear what could have prodded Amazon to incline the initiate ban, an Amazon spokesperson said on condition of anonymity in an e-mailed statement to a press agency that senior Amazon executives were unaware about the Seattle retailer’s decision to ban TikTok, however, the ban was rolled back in the span of a few hours after TikTok and Amazon officials had discussed over the issue as beforementioned.

However, earlier this week the big-league US lender Wells Fargo said in an emailed statement to its employees to immediately remove the app from their cell phones citing national security measures.

Nonetheless, in response to Wells Fargo’s decision to ban TikTok, officials of the Chinese video sharing app were quoted saying that its database was located in the United States, while it also kept a backup copy of its users’ information in Singapore adding that the Chinese Government had never asked for users’ data from the company.