California vacation rental Airbnb bookings pick up, cross one million on a single day

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California vacation rental Airbnb bookings pick up, cross one million on a single day

Airbnb Inc., the San Francisco, CA-based American multinational vacation rental online marketplace, had issued a statement on Tuesday saying that the US-based home rental company had clocked more than 1 million bookings all over the globe on July 8, indicating an early sign of recovery in the travel and tourism industry from the pandemic induced economic downturn.

Aside from that, the California-based vacation rental company, widely known for its services focused on arrangements of lodging, homestays and tourism experiences, had also added in its Tuesday’s statement released later part of the day that a majority of the bookings had been for tourism-related trips starting on or before August 7, while the company had also been quoted saying that its bookings had hit the 1-million mark in a single day for the first time since March 3, shortly before the pandemic outbreak had wreaked havoc on tourism and leisure industries.

Closer and affordable destinations make up the bulk of bookings, says Airbnb

Meanwhile, in what could be contemplated as a vivid demonstration of a tightened spending from the potential consumers amid a global economy which had been facing off an en masse recession over the recent months, an Airbnb spokeswoman was quoted saying following reveal of the statement that that the spark in demands were mostly catalysed by the consumers’ frustration over a nearly three-month long lockdown adding that the affordable and closer destinations had fleshed up the bulk of the Airbnb bookings.

Concomitantly, while uncertainties over the duration of the pandemic outbreak coupled with a lack of proper immunization measures against the pathogen, had been pouring fresh scorns over the travel and tourism industry, the San Francisco-based American multinational home rental firm, which had been forced to slash up to 25 per cent of its workforce amid weaker demands following cancellation of millions of vacation trips due to the lockdown process, had also added at its statement that the recent spike in demand could be an early sign of recovery as beforementioned as tens of millions of people across the globe were looking for an excuse to freshen up following a protracted period of forced lockdown measures.