California’s Lyft to provide drivers with partition shields as pandemic protection

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California’s Lyft to provide drivers with partition shields as pandemic protection

Lyft Inc., the San Francisco, CA-based smaller rival of ride-hailing industry pioneer, Uber Technologies, said on Friday that the ride-sharing company serving 644 US cities would hand over some 60,000 vehicle partition shield to its most active drivers as a protection against the ongoing pandemic outbreak, suggesting a move that could allay concerns linked to the safety issue of the Lyft Inc.

drivers. Aside from that, Lyft Inc. had also added at its Friday’s statement that the ride-sharing company would start off selling its custom-made protective barriers of other drivers as early as by later this Summer. In point of fact, latest remarks from the San Francisco-based ride-sharing services provider came forth roughly two months after the company had made it mandatory to wear masks for both passengers and drivers during a trip and had claimed to have provided its North American drivers with over 150,000 sanitizing products and masks since the onset of the pandemic outbreak in Northern America.

Lyft to introduce semi-rigid partition shields

Meanwhile, following Friday’s statement, a Lyft Inc. spokeswoman said to a press agency later on the day that the Northern American ride-sharing services provider had begun to design its semi-rigid partition shields several months ago and had instrumented the shield in a small group of ride-hailing drivers’ vehicles in order to receive feedbacks.

Besides, adding that each vehicle partition shield had been costing the company nearly $50 and the protective, custom-made and self-installed barriers would be available to purchase in online from various manufacturers with prices ranging between $50 and $100 apiece, the Lyft Inc.

spokeswoman said, “It was critical to us that the design met the needs of rideshare drivers specifically, accommodated a wide range of vehicle models, could be self-installed and easily removed, and could be produced at a price point far lower than what is currently available in the market.