China’s TikTok considers London & other locations for headquarters

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China’s TikTok considers London & other locations for headquarters

Facing off a US threat of having been banned, ByteDance-owned Chinese small video sharing app TikTok, had been in talks with the UK Government over the recent months in a bid to locate its headquarter in London, a source familiar with the subject-matter had unveiled on Sunday on condition of anonymity as the source was not authorized to speak over the issue on public, suggesting a strident approach from TikTok as it seeks to widen its distance from parent company ByteDance alongside Beijing.

Apart from that, a press agency was also quoted the source as saying that London, UK, was one of the several locations the company had been contemplating, nonetheless, no final decision had yet been made. Concomitantly, latest media report on TikTok’s intent to leave its parent company alongside China, where its app is not available, came forth a couple of days after the White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow had sent a welcoming message to TikTok saying that it would be better for the Chinese ByteDance-owned firm to operate separately as a US company.

Besides, the comments from Kudlow was followed a remark from the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, while Pompeo was quoted saying that the Trump Administration was looking to ban several Chinese companies including TikTok over National Security Concerns.

TikTok ramps up hiring in the United States this year, but a decision to locate is under consideration

In point of fact, although it was not immediately clear the other locations the Chinese small video sharing app had been targeting, however, the company had hired aggressively in the United States this year including the poaching of former Walt Disney Co.

executive Kevin Mayer, who would likely to be the next Chief Executive of the politically embattle Chinese firm. However, while other sources said that the company had been in discussions with the US Government as well over the past few weeks, a Sunday Times report revealed earlier on the day that the ByteDance-owned TikTok had broken off its talks with the UK Government to rollout a global headquarter in UK.