California’s Google bans ads on pandemic conspiracy theory contents

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California’s Google bans ads on pandemic conspiracy theory contents

Google LLC., the Mountain View, California-based world’s largest internet service provider, the megalith in the global online advertisement industry owned by the Alphabet Inc., had issued a statement late on Friday saying that the search engine giant would blacklist and ban websites alongside apps which had been capitalizing on its online advertisement technology to rollout ads on “dangerous content” that could feed on to the public's frets and tilt against the scientific notion amid a pandemic outbreak at large.

In point of fact, latest announcement from Google LLC., the online advertisement industry behemoth, to update its policy came forth at a crucial time of health crisis, while a pandemic outbreak had been ravaging the landscapes of the United States and digital ad Goliaths likes of Google and Facebook Inc.

had been failing to crack down the spread of misinformation regarding the outbreak.

Google to clamp down on pandemic conspiracy theories as pandemic cases mount in the US

Meanwhile, as pandemic cases were mounting in the United States, making the world’s largest economy the hardest hit in the pandemic outbreak, Google LLC.

said in its statement on Friday that the contents which would be disallowed from ad revenues, would include unscientific pandemic conspiracy theories such as the pandemic pathogen was created in a lab in Wuhan, China or it had been created by the Microsoft founder Bill Gates.

Aside from that, Google LLC. had already banned ads containing malicious contents such as miraculous health cure or anti-vaccination campaigns, while the company had also clamped down the ads which might encourage the aforementioned topics.

The Mountain View-based world’s No. 1 internet service provider’s recently inclined policy would also prevent advertisers from creating their own advertisements that could encourage or promote the pandemic conspiracy theories, a spokesperson for the Facebook Inc.

had told to a press agency. On top of that, Google’s updated policy had also included that the online ad industry giant would allow certain institutions to run advertisements on the pandemic issue such as Government Organizations alongside healthcare providers.