China’s Huawei will not be prevented from investing in France, says Le Maire

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China’s Huawei will not be prevented from investing in France, says Le Maire

Late on Tuesday, the French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire said that the bloc’s second-largest economy, France, would not prevent the sanction-hit world’s No. 1 telecom gear maker Huawei Technologies from investing in the country’s fifth-generation infrastructure despite year-long lobbying effort from the Trump Administration, nonetheless, the French Finance Minister had condemned China over its mistreatment of the minority Uighur Muslim community.

In point of fact, latest welcoming remark from the Bruno Le Maire came forth days after the British PM Boris Johnson had ordered a proclamation to purge the Chinese firm’s fifth-generation equipment from the country by 2027, a move widely contemplated as a result of repeated repercussion from the United States which had long been trying to gain leverage on China by making its Huawei Technologies as a collateral at its nearly two-year long trade spat with Beijing, suggested analysts.

Nonetheless, while the latest remarks of French Finance Minister to France Info Radio late on Tuesday that there would be “no blanket ban” in Huawei in France, suggesting a giant leapfrog in fifth-generation networking technology in France while the Trump Administration’s favourites in developing fifth-generation networks such as Ericsson and Nokia had been at least a year behind the Chinese tech conglomerate, suggested industry analysts.

National interests will be protected, says Le Maire

Meanwhile, amid a growing uproar among the leading global economies including the “five eyes”, the intelligence-sharing pact of five nations such as Canada, United States, Australia, Britain and New Zealand, regarding Huawei’s role in channelling critical national security data to Beijing, an allegation the world’s No.

1 telco gear maker had repeatedly denied, adding that France had reaffirmed its stance to Beijing officials on Monday and condemned China’s alleged abuse of its minority Uighur community, Le Maire said to the France Info Radio, “We won’t ban Huawei from investing in 5G, we will protect our national security interests.