Illinois fast-food chain McDonald’s asks customers to wear masks in US restaurants

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Illinois fast-food chain McDonald’s asks customers to wear masks in US restaurants

McDonald’s Corp., the Chicago, Illinois-based fast-food chain company employing over 1.9 million people across the globe including franchises, had issued a statement late on Friday saying that the 70-year-old fast food company would require its customers to wear face masks in the US restaurants adding that the new norm would take effect from next month.

Aside from that, as a likely second wave of pandemic outbreak in the United States had been nearing its shores, the fast food chain company founded and incorporated in San Bernardino, CA, was also quoted saying at its statement that the world’s No.

1 fast food chain in terms of assets would pause its re-opening of in-dine restaurants in the United States for another 30 days.

McDonald’s makes it mandatory to wear face masks at its in-house restaurants

In point of fact, latest announcement from McDonald’s followed a planned extension of a pause of its re-opening by 21 days at the start of July, however, latest move of the world’s largest fast food chain had extended its shutdown period by more than a week amid an intransigent rise in pandemic cases across a number of densely populated US cities in the US states of California, Florida and Texas.

Nonetheless, although wearing face masks were contemplated as a basic protection against the global pandemic outbreak and had been recommended worldwide by the health professionals and Government officials, Americans remain divided over the usage of face masks, while some of the extremists were calling the imposition of face masks as a breach of their constitutional rights.

However, McDonald’s had also added at its statement that it had been training its employees to address customers in a “friendly, expedited way,” who might have declined to wear a face covering. Apart from McDonald’s Corp., other big-league retailers, in-house restaurants and coffeeshop chains such as Walmart Inc., Target Corp.

and Starbucks Corp. had already made usage of face coverings mandatory.