California’s Google to keep most of its employees at home until July-2021

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California’s Google to keep most of its employees at home until July-2021

Google LLC., the Alphabet Inc.-owned search engine behemoth headquartered in Mountain View, CA, had settled on a plan of action to keep most of its 200,000 employees and contractors across the globe on a “work-form-home” stature at least until June 2021, suggesting a sophisticated assessment of the global pandemic outbreak’s fiscal and social fallouts.

The work-from-home order issued by the Alphabet Inc. Chief Executive Sundar Pichai on Monday would also impact other companies owned by the Google parent Alphabet Inc., while the latest Google LLC. decision would remark a six-month extension of the online advertisement industry mogul’s prior plan to keep most of its offices shut down until end-2020.

Google’s decision to prolonge lockdown could prompt other companies to pursue similar action

Meanwhile, a Wall Street Journal report published late on Monday had quoted the Google LLC. Chief Executive Sundar Pichai as saying in an emailed statement to his employees “I know this extended timeline may come with mixed emotions and I want to make sure you’re taking care of yourselves,” while several industry analysts had signalled that the latest Google move to extend its “work-from-home” period by six months would likely to encourage other tech tycoons to adopt similar precautionary measures.

As a matter of fact, earlier on the second quarter of the year, Google LLC. had initially planned to bring in a substantial portion of workforces into its Mountain View, California headquarters alongside other regional offices in Summer, however, the global pandemic’s ongoing spread had forced the world’s No.

1 internet service provider to push back the reopening until January 2021 last month. Nonetheless, Google has now delayed its reopening of HQs by six months. Notably, Google LLC.

alongside a number of dominant tech conglomerates had told their employees to work from home even before the World Health Organization had declared the health emergency a global-scale pandemic on March 11.