Two thirds of UK firms “fully operational” after pandemic shutdown, says CBI survey

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Two thirds of UK firms “fully operational” after pandemic shutdown, says CBI survey

As Britain has been gradually lifting up lockdowns with last major change came into action on July 4 when in-dine restaurants, pubs and hotels were allowed to reopen, a CBI (Confederation of British Industry) survey had revealed on Sunday that around two-thirds of the UK-based businesses had been fully operational for the moment being, up from a reading of roughly 50 per cent reported in June.

Aside from that, the latest survey on UK’s business recovery from the pandemic-led slump conducted by the CBI had also added on Sunday that further 21 per cent firms had been partially operational with some holdings were still remained closed.

Britain’s consumer-facing sectors in acute financial distress, reveals CBI survey

In point of fact, following a two and a half month long forced business closures to contain the pandemic outbreak, British Government of PM Boris Johnson had been gradually lifting up the lockdowns since May, while the latest major change came forth on July 4 as beforementioned.

Nonetheless, later last week, the UK PM Boris Johnson was quoted saying that he had decided to postpone further relaxation of the shutdowns citing a steady rise in cases which had impacted a number of arts and entertainment venues.

On top of that, according to the CBI survey published on Sunday, UK businesses were operating at their 85 per cent capacity because of stiffer social distancing measure, however, the figures were up from 72 per cent in June while the social distancing rule had required at least two metres of distancing between two individuals.

Meanwhile, adding that despite an upbeat survey report regarding the health of British economy, many firms, mostly in the consumer-facing sectors in Britain had been facing off acute financial distress, an economist for CBI Alpesh Paleja said following the reveal of survey data earlier on the day, “With businesses gradually reopening, this month’s data seems to indicate a turning point for the economy”.