Petroperu resumes pipeline operations after three-month long pandemic-driven halt

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Petroperu resumes pipeline operations after three-month long pandemic-driven halt

Late on Saturday, Petroperu, the Peruvian state-backed energy firm had issued a statement saying that the state-owned company had resumed its pipeline operations following over three-month long closure due to the pandemic outbreak.

As a matter of fact, Petroperu or Petróleos del Perú SA, a group of Peruvian state-backed petroleum refineries companies engaged in a swathe of activities ranging from gasoline transportation to refining to commercial selling, had halted its pipeline distribution activities late in April this year as part of a preventive measure to contain the global pandemic outbreak.

Petroperu inclines stiffer legislations for workers to rule out pandemic infections

Apart from that, the Lima-based 51-year-old energy company had also added at its statement that the energy firm would impose strict medical controls and tests for the pathogen for its workers before resumption of crude transportation from the country’s jungle inland to the north coast.

Nonetheless, latest move from the flagship energy business operator of the Latam nation came as a surprise to many, as the Andean country had been experiencing an abrupt upsurge in pandemic cases over the recent past, while in terms of confirmed cases, the nation stood at third behind Brazil and Mexico in Latin America, which in turn made it even harder to vindicate the nation’s latest approach to resume its distribution operation from the Jungle inland to north coast.

However, industry analysts with knowledge regarding the subject matter were quoted saying that the fossil-fuel company had been in an advanced stage of expansion, which could have prompted it to resume operations despite an abrupt uptick in pandemic cases across a number of LATAM nations, while Government sources had revealed that the Peruvian Government had invested a stark upsum of $4.7 billion at Petroperu’s distribution and processing facilities in order to raise the capacity of its Talara refinery to 95,000 barrels per day, up nearly 50 per cent from its current capacity of 65,000 barrels per day.