Trump hands out $1 billion in “Food for Families” initiative

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Trump hands out $1 billion in “Food for Families” initiative

In a bid to shore up fiscal aids for millions of laid-off Americans struggling to see through the pandemic-led hardship in a US economy that has been feeling a bit under the weather despite notable progress over the recent weeks, US President Donald Trump had allotted an additional $1 billion to a program that offers food for the American families rampaged during the forced business closures.

In point of fact, the Farmers to Families Food Box program has been one of the several initiatives having been fostered by the US Government to assist the Americans to make ends meet, though the program had barely kept the wolfs from the doors given the extent of unemployment the US Government has been grappling with.

Nonetheless, the Food for Families program has been aimed at purchasing food for the Americans who right at the first place had been producing it, but had lost their businesses due to the pandemic driven shut downs and had been thrown out of the works or otherwise hurt by the outbreak.

$1bn in Food for Families after media reflects a contrarian view

Meanwhile, speaking to the reporters during a visit in a North Carolina food packing plant, Trump said, “Today I am proud to announce that we will provide an additional one billion dollars to fund the Farmers to Families Food Box program.

” Calling a spade a spade, latest move from the US Government comes over the heels of media reports in July which had unveiled that the Trump Administration had delivered far less in the $3-billion food aid initiative than it had promised by end-June citing data from US Department of Agriculture and food banks managers.

Aside from that, amid a gloomier fiscal outlook en route to recovery, the program had met with a slew of slanderous criticisms, while analysts, food banks and some US Senators said that the contracts for the havoc-scale food program were often awarded to inexperienced businesses which had been failing to source and deliver the food in a timely manner.