Menlo Park’s Facebook barbecued in Indian parliamentary hearing over hate speech

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Menlo Park’s Facebook barbecued in Indian parliamentary hearing over hate speech

A parliamentary committee on infotech in India had barbecued the American multinational social networking behemoth Facebook Inc.’s Indian wing in a closed-door hearing on Wednesday over accusations of potential political biasness alongside an active role in spreading hate speeches across the second-worst pandemic hit nation.

In point of fact, Facebook Inc., the Menlo Park, CA-headquartered social media conglomerate owning four out of top six internet services providers across the globe such as Facebook, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram, has over 400 million users in India, while the latest backlash over its Indian operation appeared to have caused due to a malevolent culture of Facebook-oriented politics in the Indian subcontinent, suggested analysts.

Besides, analysts were also quoted saying followed by the reveal of Wednesday’s closed-door hearing that tens of thousands of political campaigns which in effect had turned Facebook’s social media platform a fierce battleground for the leaders of PM Modi’s Hindu Nationalist Party and other major coalitions feeding on to religious propagandas against the minority Muslims, ought to be blamed instead accusing Facebook of censoring pro-India contents.

Aside from that, Wednesday’s hearing came forth a day after the Indian Technology Minister Prasad had written a letter to Facebook Chief Executive Zuckerberg saying that the platform had been censoring contents posted by the right-wing users.

Facebook’s Indian unit grilled as social media giant denies allegations

Apart from that, Wednesday’s hearing followed headlines from medias based on the states largely owned by the coalitions opposing the Govt.

of PM Modi that said the social media mogul had been allowing religious hate-speeches over its platform adding that its top policy official in India had repeatedly been reported as an admirer of PM Modi. Nonetheless, after the hearing that lasted over three and a half hours, Chairman of the parliamentary committee said in a tweet late on Wednesday, “The committee agreed to resume discussions later, including with representatives of Facebook. ” Facebook Inc. had denied every detail of the allegations.