Cupertino’s Apple debuts discount smartwatch, no new iPhones yet

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Cupertino’s Apple debuts discount smartwatch, no new iPhones yet

In what could be viewed as its latest attempt to heighten up the appeals of its products in a new-normal pandemic era, which had forced a flurry of consumers across the globe to keep a lid on their spending, the Cupertino, CA-based iPhone maker Apple Inc., had introduced a cheaper variant of its smartwatch on Tuesday, suggesting a revamp in Apple Inc.’s business policy amid a broad-based global-scale recession.

In point of fact, Tuesday’s announcement of the downscaled Apple watch comes over the heels of a budget iPhone that Apple Inc., the United States’ largest taxpayer, had revealed roughly five months ago in light of a clattered global economy alongside a sharp spike in unemployment rates.

Apple scales down smartwatch prices as pandemic forces consumers to scrimp

Apart from a budget smartwatch, Apple in tandem had unwrapped a high-end watch model alongside a next-gen iPad and a few subscription services during a virtual event on Tuesday, however, the company had delayed the release of new iPhone models at least until end-October due to a supply chain problem caused by the pandemic outbreak.

Besides, speaking in a one-hour presentation on Tuesday’s event recorded at the company’s once-crowded, but now mostly empty, massive headquarter in Cupertino, Apple Inc. Chief Executive, Tim Cook had not even offered a clue on when Apple consumers could expect a new iPhone model.

Aside from that, according to Apple Inc.

statement released during the event, the newly introduced discounted smartwatch, named as Watch SE, would come up with a price tag of $279 from next Friday, sharply down from an upsum of $399 that the company had been seeking to price its next version of Series 6 high-end smartwatches.

Concomitantly, as the research firm GlobalData had projected a 60 per cent market share for Apple Inc. at a $64 billion smartwatch market, Apple Inc. had also quoted saying at its statement that the company had added a new feature at its smartwatch that would be able to read the consumers’ blood oxygen level, while the iPhone maker had also introduced a bundle package priced between $15 to $30, which would offer its existing music, videos, news and gaming services.