California's Newsom moves to end sales of new gas-powered car by 2035

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California's Newsom moves to end sales of new gas-powered car by 2035

On Wednesday, Governor of the US state of California Gavin Newsom had issued an executive order saying that the US state which has been a home to the world’s fifth-largest economy would be barring the sales of new fossil-fuelled powered passenger vehicle and pickup trucks by 2035, a major breakthrough move en-route towards a zero-emission policy that would witness the most populous US state’s greenhouse gas emission having been bottlenecked by 35 per cent.

Nonetheless, Newsom had also addressed in the statement that the slated move to outlaw the sales of petroleum-powered vehicles in the US state of California would not necessarily prevent people from owning or selling gas-powered cars, however, the legislation in effect would end the sales of new gasoline-powered passenger vehicles and trucks in the US state, a home to more than 10 per cent of the United States’ entire population.

Let us no longer be the victims of geopolitical energy dictators, says Newsom

In point of fact, during announcement of his executive order which in effect would mark up the beginning of the end of an era of gasoline-powered vehicle in the US state of California, Newsom said, “Pull away from the gas pumps.

Let us no longer be victims of geopolitical dictators that manipulate global supply chains and global markets. ” Nonetheless, as an inevitable repercussion of the California state Governor Newsom’s executive order that was issued earlier on Wednesday, adding that the order would hurt the US economy, White House spokesman Judd Deere said later on the day, “…… (Newsom’s order) is yet another example of how extreme the left has become.

They want the government to dictate every aspect of every Americans’ life. ” Notably, the US state of California had already implemented a ruling which mandated a certain percentage of new car sales in the US states must be electric or zero-emission, while the recently inclined executive order would make California, where every one out of ten people own a gasoline powered vehicle, the first US state to hold forth with an approach to entirely phase out the fossil-fuel powered vehicles within a decade and a half.