Miami’s Carnival cancels most 2020 US cruises as CDC extends ban

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Miami’s Carnival cancels most 2020 US cruises as CDC extends ban

Amid conflicting narratives on whether the US cruise operators could be able to claw back some of its footings which were off-tracked during the pandemic driven upheaval, Carnival Cruise Line, the Miami-based world’s largest international cruise line operator, said in a statement late on Thursday that it had been exploring an option to shelve most of its US-based voyages until end-2020, marking up a latest sign that the pandemic-led pandemonium could delay the US cruise industry’s recovery by many months, if not years.

In point of fact, the Miami-based Carnival Cruise Line having 23 fleets alongside 3,900 onshore and 33,500 offshore employees as of September this year, also added at its Thursday’s announcement that the US-borne multinational cruise line operator would suspend sailings from all ports but its home ports of Miami and Port Canaveral, Florida.

Nonetheless, Carnival had cautioned that its fleets might not be able to sail from the aforementioned ports until the end of 2020.

Carnival looks to gradual phase in as CDC extends ban on cruise line operators

Notably, the latest Carnival announcement came forth a day after the US CDC (Centre for Disease Control and Prevention) had extended an existing ban on large cruise liners in US waters at least until October 31.

Aside from that, as the initial no-sail order from CDC, which had been issued back in March this year, had expired on September 30, the US Centre for Disease Control and Prevention said in a statement on Wednesday, “Recent passenger voyages in foreign countries continue to have outbreaks, despite cruise ship operators having extensive health and safety protocols,” alleging that the cruise ships had been forcing people to share spaces, while the number of pandemic cases stemmed off cruise line operators had largely been diluted.

Meanwhile, citing a gradual onset of cruise line operations in the US waters, Carnival President Christine Duffy said in statement on Thursday, “As we have said throughout this pause, our return to operations will be gradual and phased in.