Sundar Pichai to testify before the US Judiciary Committee

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Sundar Pichai to testify before the US Judiciary Committee

Sundar Pichai, the chief executive of Google will testify before the Judiciary Committee of the US House in November 2018. Pichai's meeting pertains to the queries raised by the Republicans that Google's algorithms were operating on the basis of partisanship against them.

In addition, they also have doubts about certain other subjects, including privacy. This announcement comes in the aftermath of the meeting Pichai had with Republican congresspersons on Friday. On the same day, Pichai also met with the White House's economic advisor, Larry Kudlow.

As such, Pichai will also be having a meeting with the American president Donald Trump at some point this year. Speaking about Pichai's meeting, Kevin McCarthy, who is the House Majority leader stated, as quoted by Reuters, "I think we’ve really shown that there is bias, which is human nature, but you have to have transparency and fairness.

As big tech’s business grows, we have not had enough transparency and that has led to an erosion of trust and, perhaps worse, harm to consumers." Pichai's testifying will take place, post the congressional election in the country.

Google has been facing some tumultuous time with both American political parties. This is because the company had failed to send its senior representative to a hearing of the Senate Intelligence Committee. The hearing had representatives from social media websites like Facebook and Twitter. Noticing the seriousness of the issue, Pichai, who was set to visit Asia, had cancelled his trip.