Cupertino’s Apple Inc. embarks on 5G race with iPhone 12 launch

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Cupertino’s Apple Inc. embarks on 5G race with iPhone 12 launch

On Tuesday, Apple Inc., the Cupertino, California-based iPhone maker, had rolled out its long-awaited gen-Z iPhone 12 with quicker fifth-generation network connectivity, as the United States’ largest taxpayer has been expecting a wave of upgrades which would more likely to spur up the tech conglomerate’s sales until at least end-2020.

Nonetheless, in the latest catch-22 over developing a fifth-generation network in the United States following a sweeping US ban on the world’s No. 1 fifth-generation gear maker Huawei Technologies, a majority of American iPhone 12 owners would not be able to capitalize on their costly upgrades which claim to offer a maverick upsurge in data speed.

Questions raised whether Americans would enjoy a dramatic boost in speed

However, Apple Inc. had also touted at its Tuesday’s statement that all of its iPhone 12 models in the United States would be able to support the millimetre wave 5G, the fastest data carrier technology, alongside the lower-frequency bands, application of which would unlikely to generate solid hits among the US consumers since a dramatic speed boost would largely depend on the location of the users and the carriers they would be using, said the head of TECHnalysis Research Bob O’Donnell adding “lots of little niggly details that get in the way of delivering on the promise of 5G.

I don’t feel like Apple clarified that as much as they could have. Nonetheless, speaking in Apple Inc.’s livestream presentation on Tuesday, Verizon Communication Chief Executive Hans Vestberg claimed that the newly introduced variants of iPhone 12 would work with the United States’ largest wireless data carrier’s ‘ultrawideband’ fifth-generation networks, which was initially developed to phase out slower data speeds in the densely populated US cities likes of New York and Los Angeles, while Apple Inc.

was also quoted saying that the Cupertino-based iPhone manufacturer had tested its iPhone 12’s 5G modem chip over 800 carries in 30 regions across the globe. The core of Apple Inc.’s iPhone 12 series, an iPhone 12 with a 6.1-inch screen, has been tagged at $799, while a ‘pro’ version that has three cameras alongside a 3-D ‘lidar’ sensor, would come at a price of $999.

Besides, a budget ‘Mini’ version having a 5.4-inch screen would be offered at $699, while the largest iPhone 12 ‘Pro Max’ variants would be priced between $1,099 to $1,399, an Associated Press report has quoted Apple Inc. as saying at its Tuesday’s presentation.