Bentonville retailer Walmart to spread out holiday deals to avoid Black Friday crowd

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 Bentonville retailer Walmart to spread out holiday deals to avoid Black Friday crowd

Walmart Inc., the Bentonville, Arkansas-headquartered world’s No. 1 brick-and-mortar and online retailer, had issued a statement on Wednesday saying that the retailer had been mulling an option to span its conventional one-day Black Friday deals over three weekends in November in a bid to downsize traffics at its in-store holdings due to the pandemic outbreak.

More importantly, Walmart Inc., the United States’ largest retailer, had also added in its statement released earlier on the day that a lion-share of its blockbuster deals would be preserved for online sales, pointing towards an unusual move that would steer away more shoppers from its brick-and-mortar stores.

Walmart to kick-off discount deals from November 4

In tandem, the Bentonville-based retailer had been quoted saying on Wednesday that it would expand its one-day Black Friday deals in to three separate online and in-store shopping days, while the discount deals would begin on November 4 online.

Besides, the November 4 online sales would follow an in-store discount shopping on November 7. On top of that, Walmart would roll out its second event online on November 11, which would be followed by a similar in-store shopping on November 14, while the United States’ no.

1 brick-and-mortar retailer having a revenue of $524 billion to date would wind down its discounted online deals on November 25 and cut-rate in-store purchases on November 27, the day after the conventional Black Friday and Thanksgiving.

Aside from that, in the latest flashpoint to bottlenecking the risks of spreading pandemic cases further, Walmart had also claimed to have arranged a swathe of measures including handing out sanitized shopping carts to the customers, while there would be Health Ambassadors at the gateways who would greet the consumers and remind them to put on a face mask.

Nonetheless, other big-league retailers like of Macy’s Inc. had also said last month that it would be expanding its Black Friday deals and encourage customers to shop online, while many retailers including Inc.

have been looking to start off holiday sales as early as October this year. This year’s Black Friday shopping would likely to account for roughly 34 per cent of entire holiday sales in the United States, eventually spurring up possibilities of further spreading of the pandemic contagion, a ShopperTrak research report revealed.