Tesla prepared to deliver Model 3 to China buyers in March

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Tesla prepared to deliver Model 3 to China buyers in March

On Friday, the 4th of January, the Tesla Inc. said that they had been planning to start delivering their Model 3 cars to the customers in China from March, 2019, concreting the time-frame, which was tweeted by Tesla head, Elon Musk last year.

The CA based Electric Vehicle maker frim, has been targeting to accelerate sales in China, which was hit hurt by the impact of trade conflict between Beijing and Washington. However, it remained unclear whether Tesla Inc.

would be able to take advantage of momentary tariff deduction of Beijing over US made autos. The deadline of reduced tariff would end on March 2nd, and after that, the tariff on US made autos on China would revert back to 40 percent, instead current 15 percent.

According to a statement from Tesla Inc., the starting price of a Model 3 car in China would be $72,000 or 4,99,000 Chinese Yuan. However, Tesla already slashed price thrice for some of their most-sold electric cars in China in the last two months to grapple with the intense competition in the Chinese auto market.

In November, Tesla cut prices of its Model S and Model X in China by 12 to 26 percent. Despite ongoing drama between US and China regarding the tariff hike that factually drained billions of Tesla profits, the Tesla had planned to build a $2 billion plant in Shanghai, which would be named as Gigafactory.