Marriott unveils extent of massive Starwood hack

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Marriott unveils extent of massive Starwood hack

On Friday, the 4th of January, the Marriott International Inc. had unveiled the extent of massive cyber-attack on Starwood. According to Marriott International Inc., records of over 383 million of customers had been stolen in a large-scale cyber-attack, which were divulged last month.

Looking at the brighter side, the preliminary estimation stated that over 500 million guest’s data might have been hacked including personal details, passport number, email address etc. According to the Starwood hotel operator, over 25.55 million passport numbers had been hacked during the widespread cyber attack on the Starwood’s hotel reservation system.

More terrifyingly, over 8.6 million encrypted payment cards details had also been hacked during the attack. Previously, the Marriott confirmed that the payment cards, personal details and passport numbers were stolen, yet they could not confirm the extent of this malicious cyber-attack.

According to a Marriott statement, the hack began in 2014, a year before Marriott offered to purchase the Starwood. The hack had initially been disclosed on November 30th, 2018, while the Starwood had commented that the hack might have been one of the largest internet security breach in the history.

At this moment, UK’s information commissioner’s office and over five US states offices have been investigating the extent of damage.