Ghosn to make first public appearance on Jan. 8th, 7 weeks after arrest

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Ghosn to make first public appearance on Jan. 8th, 7 weeks after arrest

On Nissan’s ousted boss, Ghosn’s request of an open hearing, he would be making his first public appearance after seven weeks of arrest on Tuesday, the 8th of January, 2019. Ghosn had been arrested on November 18th on alleged financial misconduct which included embezzlement of company money and understating personal income.

​Ghosn had been detained with a Nissan director, Greg Kelly, who had been accused of assisting Ghosn on his financial misconducts. However, last week, Greg Kelly was released, as physical condition had been deteriorating.

Greg Kelly is suffering from Spinal Stenosis and he missed a surgery appointment due on December 7th because of the detention. According to the Tokyo district court, the Ghosn’s open hearing would take place at the 8th of January, 2019, GMT 01.30, local time 10.30 am.

Ghosn had been rearrested a couple of weeks back, while a Japanese court dismissed further extension of Ghosn’s detention. This time, Ghosn was being accused of covering up personal losses using company funds, which involved a payout to a Saudi Conglomerate that happened to be a part of Nissan’s Saudi operation.

Upon arrival of this new allegation, the Tokyo district court had approved an extension of Carlos Ghosn’s detention until January 11th. If any of these allegations turned out to be true, Ghosn might face a hefty amount of fine and further detention up to the end of 2019.