Menlo Park’s Facebook most likely to face US anti-trust crackdown as soon as November

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Menlo Park’s Facebook most likely to face US anti-trust crackdown as soon as November

Facebook Inc., the Menlo Park, California-headquartered social networking conglomerate, which had to pay off a stark sum of $5 billion in the United States’ largest punitive measures ever in a civil case over allegations of potential privacy breach last year, had been on the verge of meeting with a string of US anti-trust charges as early as November, a Washington Post report published late on Friday had unveiled citing four people who wished to remain anonymous given the scale of sensitivity of the issue.

On top of that, according to Washington Post’s Friday report, members of US FTC (Federal Trade Commission) met in private on later last week in a bid to discuss an investigation on Facebook Inc., while the California Attorney General alongside New York’s Letitia James had scrutinized the Menlo Park-based social networking mogul’s business practice adding it posed severe threats to competitions.

US FTC may sue Facebook as early as next month

Meanwhile, Friday’s Washington Post report had quoted at least two people familiar with the subject-matter as saying that the timeline of the anti-trust probe could change, while the report had also added that the state Attorney Generals had been in an advanced stage to prepare the complaints.

Notably, latest Washington Post report on a potential anti-trust prove on Facebook Inc. came forth roughly a couple of months after the social networking giant’s Chief Executive Zuckerberg had to face off an interview on an FTC (Federal Trade Commission) investigative hearing as part of a US Government’s anti-trust probe into the company.

More importantly, while it seems that the Facebook Inc. had upscaled internet services’ monopolization by far with ownership of four out of top six internet services provider across the globe such as Facebook, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram, Facebook said on prior occasions while having been faced off similar investigations by the US Justice Department and state Attorney Generals, “The investigations were looking at prior acquisitions and business practices involving social networking or social media services, digital advertising, and/or mobile or online applications.