Airbus SE monthly jet deliveries surge to pre-pandemic level in October

Later last week, the European Union's flagship aircraft carrier maker Airbus SE had reported that its deliveries rose to a pre-pandemic level last month on a year-on-year basis

by Sourav D
Airbus SE monthly jet deliveries surge to pre-pandemic level in October

European Union’s flagship aircraft maker, Airbus SE, headquartered in Leiden, Netherlands, which has been the centrepiece of a EU-US trade dispute over airline subsidiaries that enabled both EU Commission and US to incline additional duties on each other’s products, had reported a booking of 72 jet deliveries last month, heading towards a pre-pandemic level on an annualized basis for the first time since the onset of the pandemic outbreak.

On top of that, while Airbus SE’s latest announcement came forth as a breather for a languishing global aviation industry which had been the hardest hit in the pandemic outbreak following a period of money-draining overhang of unwanted jets alongside rising cancellations of orders, the world’s largest aircraft carrier maker ahead of Boeing Co., had also added on its Friday’s statement that the Leiden-based European Union’s flagship aerospace company had delivered 413 aircrafts over the first ten months of the year, down about 36 per cent compared to the same time a year earlier.

Nonetheless, Airbus SE’s October bookings had been just 6.5 per cent down on an annualized basis to 77, marking up an unprecedented catch-up growth to a pre-pandemic level.

Airbus deliveries overwhelmingly outpace Boeing

Apart from that, the European planemaker added on its statement that it had sold 11 jets in October despite a mass-scale slump in airline demands, while Airbus had sold off 381 jets thus far this year after 308 order cancellations, outperforming its American rival Boeing Co.

in both orders and deliveries, outlook of which had been mired in holocaust as the US low-cost budget aircraft carrier maker’s best-selling 737-Max remained grounded over 19 months due to a safety-ban. Besides, Boeing Co.

had also deterred an option earlier this year to rebrand its 737 Max what analysts said might have downsized the chaos whirling around a safety-ban on its best-selling aircraft. Meanwhile, citing a cautious optimism over Airbus SE’s October sales and deliveries, a Jefferies analyst, Sandy Morris was quoted saying that the unexpected rise in deliveries would proffer a sigh of breath for Airbus SE and ebb off fiscal concerns for the cash-depleting planemaker.

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