India to regulate streaming services, online news contents

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India to regulate streaming services, online news contents

In what could be contemplated as a latest vindication of a vivid demonstration of India’s attempt to clamp down mega-cap global tech conglomerates, revenues of which had been ballooning since the onset of the pandemic outbreak in a rapidly growing market of the world’s sixth-largest economy, India’s Federal Government of PM Narendra Modi had been exploring an option to regulate contents on online streaming platforms including those of Amazon Prime Video, Netflix Inc.

and Walt Disney’s Hotstar, a brief Government circular had unveiled earlier last week without providing further details. In point of fact, latest move from the India’s Ministry of Information and Broadcasting came forth months after dozens of home-grown and global streaming services had signed up for a code of self-regulation, while according to the latest Govt.

circular, the Federal Government would oversee streaming video content alongside contents published on social media such as Facebook and Twitter. Aside from that, the new legislation would also impact online news providers which had not been subjected to Govt.

supervision previously. Nonetheless, followed by the reveal of latest move from the India’s Federal Government, the country’s largest mobile and internet lobbying group alongside Netflix Inc.

had declined to comment over the subject-matter given the scale of sensitivity of the issue, while big-league streaming service providers likes of Amazon and Hotstar appeared to be filming the sequence of a wait-and-watch approach.

India set to regulate streaming services, online contents

Meanwhile, adding that the heavyweight streaming media providers had to wait until new Govt. legislations on online contents would come into action, an Indian filmmaker Vikram Malhotra said later this week, “My only concern is that rules that currently govern access to content as well as its creation and distribution on other platforms, cannot and should not be simply applied to the online medium.

” According to a PwC forecast, India’s growth in streaming services alongside online advertisement, sports and music, would likely to help the country’s media and entertainment industry reach a market valuation of $55 billion by 2024.