Cupertino’s Apple asks Foxconn to shift production to Vietnam to minimise China risk

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Cupertino’s Apple asks Foxconn to shift production to Vietnam to minimise China risk

In the latest flashpoint of an escalating Sino-US trade row which would likely to exacerbate further under a Biden Administration as predicted by a number of experts, Apple supplier Foxconn, the Taiwanese multinational electronics contract manufacturer, had been exploring an option to relocate some of its iPad and MacBook assembling lines to Vietnam from China following a formal request from the Cupertino-based iPhone manufacturer Apple Inc., a source familiar with the subject-matter had unveiled late on Thursday on condition of anonymity as the American tech conglomerate had been vying to vent out a way to scale down the fiscal impacts of a protracted Sino-US trade row.

On top of that, the latest development on Apple Inc.’s approach to diversify its portfolio came forth as the departing US President Donald Trump had been encouraging a slew of US firms to sway away from China, while analysts were quoted saying that a heavily battered Sino-US trade relationship following Trump Administration’s atrocity measures which involved higher import tariff on made-in-China electronics alongside a sanction on sales of US-borne technologies to Chinese companies including the world’s No.

1 telco gear manufacturer Huawei Technologies, might not be repaired in a near-term outlook.

Foxconn to shift its Apple production line to Vietnam

Meanwhile, amid such garrulous landscape over a Sino-US trade war frontier, the Taiwanese assembler of Apple Inc.

had already moved its iPad and MacBook assembling line into Vietnam, while over frets of further escalation of Sino-US trade spat, Foxconn was mulling measures to remove parts of its entire production line from China to a number of emerging economies such as Mexico and India, said the sources.

In tandem, while the United States’ largest corporate taxpayer, Apple Inc. seems to be wary of having been caught up in the tit-for-tat Sino-US trade spat, a press agency report was quoted the source as saying, “The move was requested by Apple.

It wants to diversify production following the trade war”. Nonetheless, while being asked over the subject-matter, Foxconn said in a statement, “As a matter of company policy, and for reasons of commercial sensitivity, we do not comment on any aspect of our work for any customer or their products”.