Black Friday sees record online sales as pandemic-wary Americans stay at home

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Black Friday sees record online sales as pandemic-wary Americans stay at home

In context of a wintry-chill coupled with a pandemic resurgence at large, 2020 Black Friday online sales had witnessed a new record as a number of pandemic-wary Americans were found to have filled up their virtual carts rather than real ones.

On top of that, according to data from Adobe Analytics that tracks the volume of online sales, American consumers had spent an approximated $9 billion in retail websites on this year’s Black Friday, leading to a sharp downturn in in-store traffics.

Besides, this year’s Black Friday online sales had been up as much as 22 per cent compared to a prior record of $7.4 billion clocked in 2019.

Black Friday sees jejune in-store traffic amid pandemic restrictions

In tandem, physical stores’ traffics had taken a header of substantial margin this year as US in-store retailers had slashed their working hours and curbed out the volume of blockbuster deals, largely due to an earlier onset of holiday season, while US in-store visits had been plunged by 52 per cent on Black Friday on a year-on-year basis, data from Sensormatic Solutions had revealed that tracks down sales volume of retail traders.

Aside from that, Sensormatic’s senior director of global retail consulting Brian Field was quoted saying over the weekend that the traffic was much slower-than-expected in Northeast and west than in the Southern and Midwest states.

More importantly, according to data from RetailNext, a tracker of US shopping volume, the Jewellery and footwear in-house stores had borne the heaviest brunt from the pandemic-led restrictions as apparel sales were pummelled as much as 50 per cent on Black Friday with sales of home goods having been slumped nearly 40 per cent.

Even with that drop in in-store sales, industry experts were quoted saying that the Black Friday sales might turn out to be the biggest in-person shopping event in the United States this year, while online shopping tracker Adobe said over the weekend that this “Monday” could be the largest online sales day in US history ever with an approximated spending between $10.8 billion to $12.7 billion.