New York’s S&P Global to buy IHS Markit for $44 billion all-stock deal

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New York’s S&P Global to buy IHS Markit for $44 billion all-stock deal

In what could be seen as the year’s biggest acquisition deal, business information and analytics data provider S&P Global Inc. said on Monday that the NY-based global financial data powerhouse had agreed to a $44 billion all-stock takeover deal for IHS Markit Ltd.

aimed at expanding its data empire further while creating a new global data capital that would serve the corporate world alongside Wall Street. In point of fact, the high-stake S&P Global takeover deal for IHS Markit has been expected to solidify a fragmented financial information services sector, while a raft of companies has been turning to instrumenting one-stop shops that could lure away deep-pocket corporate clients into machine learning and AI-based financial data analytics industry.

IHS Markit deal to pile up pressures on S&P Global rivals

More importantly, latest S&P Global Inc. deal was brought into light roughly a year after a chartbuster $27 billion LSE deal to acquire the financial data provider Refinitiv from buyout firm Blackstone and Thompson Reuters, while the recent IHS Markit deal would definitively ratchet up heats for market shares, suggested industry experts.

Aside from that, several analysts had also been quoted saying that the landmark $44 billion acquisition of IHS Markit Ltd. would likely to pile up pressures on a swathe of S&P Global Inc. rivals ranging from Bloomberg LP to Moody’s Corp to Factset Research Systems Inc.

Nonetheless, the $44 billion merger deal of S&P Global Inc. and IHS Markit would likely to face off a flurry of anti-trust reviews considering the extent of scrutiny which the LSE (London Stock Exchange) had to grapple with following its $27 billion Refinitiv buyout deal last year.

However, followed by the announcement of the deal, officials from S&P Global Inc. and IHS Global Ltd. were quoted saying that their businesses had limited overlaps which should smoothen up the regulatory approvals required for the deal, while the companies were expecting to conclude the deal by the second half of 2021.