US-China trade talk trolls on to second day, details yet to be revealed

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US-China trade talk trolls on to second day, details yet to be revealed

In the wake of a withering geo-political puerility, the US and China trade talk has rolled on to the second day, on Tuesday, January 8th. As the world’s two largest economies seek to resolve a bitter conflict, which had execrably hurt 2018’s global economy, very few details are revealed at this moment.

While the spokesman with knowledge regarding the trade talk confirmed that the trade talk was ongoing, the US president Donald Trump had not stopped tweeting and his recent tweet mentioned that the talk with China was going well, yet, the tweet failed to provide further details.

This vice-ministerial meeting between US and China has been the first, after these two nations had agreed to a trade truce earlier on December, 2018. While the trade talk had been ongoing with the hopes of a decipherable solution, the Asian and US stock market remained riant.

In fact, the European shares had also posted a three-week gain on Tuesday morning, over the hope of a possible resolution of this brutal tariff war, that led trillions in to ash and might continue to do so, unless these two nations take rapid actions.

On Monday, the 7th of January, the US commerce secretary, Wilbur ross had been quoted saying that the Washington and Beijing might reach a trade deal, with which they could live on. Ross indicated that the trade issues would be comparatively easier to deal with, while the enforcement issues and intellectual property rights alongside market access might have been more challenging.