PM Johnson sold out UK fish in Brexit trade deal, says British fishermen trade body

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PM Johnson sold out UK fish in Brexit trade deal, says British fishermen trade body

The National Federation of Fishermen’s Organization (NFFO), a Central York-based key UK trade organization representing British fishermen, said in a statement on Saturday that the Tory PM Boris Johnson had sold out the country’s rich fish stocks to EU in a contemptuous Brexit trade deal which in effect would proffer a significant access of EU boats into Britain’s fishing water.

On top of that, followed by the remarks from the British fishermen trade body, a number of bipartisan lawmakers had also been quoted saying that the deal might just add a sell-out of the country’s rich fish stocks.

UK fishermen trade body says PM Johnson sold out UK fishes to EU

In point of fact, according to the narrow Brexit trade deal draft released yesterday, a 1,246-page political padding wrapped in a trade ballot still subject to voting in the House of Commons and EU Parliament, the UK would part its ways with EU as planned on December 31, nonetheless, the Brexit deal passed on the Christmas eve would leave EU’s common Fisheries policy largely unchanged for a substantial period of time.

In actuality, the draft texts having passed by the lawmakers of both UK and EU kept the current fishing legislations largely unchanged for a duration of five and a half years of transitional period, while after that timeline, there would be consultations on an annualized basis to set out the terms on which EU boats would be allowed to fish in the UK waters, largely undermining interests of British fishermen.

Nonetheless, still British fishermen would be able to sell a large chuck of their fishes in French fish markets as per the law, which had secured for both EU and UK a quota- and tariff-free access of goods in each other’s market regardless of their origins.

Meanwhile, harshly criticising the deal, the National Federation of Fishermen’s Organization said in a statement that PM Johnson had sacrificed the British fishing industry.

For instance, the British fishermen trade body had said that the UK’s stake in Celtic Sea haddock would increase to 20 per cent from an earlier 10 per cent, but the rest would be left in the hands of EU fleets at least for the next five years and a half.