Monsanto won patent victory over GM cotton seeds in India

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Monsanto won patent victory over GM cotton seeds in India
Monsanto won patent victory over GM cotton seeds in India

On Tuesday, the 8th of January, 2019, the Indian Supreme Court had ruled that, the Monsanto could claim patent on their genetically modified cotton seeds, widely observed as a victory for the US company, which would likely to exhort other biotechnology firms to step up with investments in the country.

The decision came as an aftermath of an appeal, overturning the previous ruling from Delhi High Court, which had declared that the world’s biggest seed maker, Monsanto, bought by Germany’s Bayer AG, would not be allowed to claim patents on the genetically modified cotton seeds and.

In fact, the Delhi High Court’s ruling came after NSL (Nuziveedu Seeds ltd.) argued that the Indian patent act would not allow Monsanto to claim patent for the GM cotton seeds. The outcome of the hearing turned out to be positive for foreign agricultural companies like Dupont, Bayer, Pioneer as well as Syngenta, which had also been concerned about losing patents on genetically modified crops in India and one of India’s major farmer’s association had welcomed the news.

A leader of Shetkari Sanghatana, Ajit Narde, said, “This is a very good move as most international companies have stopped releasing new technology in the Indian market due to the uncertainty over patent rule”.

Narde had also been quoted saying that, a technological advancement was important for the Indian farmers to grapple with the rivals overseas.


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