Ex-Google China president outlines need for US to further push AI research

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Ex-Google China president outlines need for US to further push AI research

It's come to be established by now that China is seeking to boost its digital economy presence. By doing so, the Asian country is also attempting to further the growth of its economy. One area which is hugely important for China in this regard is the development of artificial intelligence (AI).

In an interview with the CNBC, former president of Google China, Kai-Fu Lee said that harnessing the AI sector should be the primary area of focus of the United States as well. Lee said, "Double the AI research budget would be a good start, given that all other countries are so much farther behind the US and we're looking for the next breakthrough in AI."

The venture capitalist and author, who recently had his book AI Superpowers: China, Silicon Valley and the New World Order published in September this year, has been a vocal proponent of the AI concept although he has gone on to concede that AI would never be able to replicate the human traits of empathy and understanding.

Continuing further about how AI could be boosted in the US, Lee then shared about how providing permanent resident-ship could work as an incentive. "I think green cards should automatically be offered to PhD's in AI."

In his book, the former Apple and Microsoft employee has also outlined that his native country China is on the path to become the international leader in AI and could also surge ahead of the United States when it came to utilising and channelising the AI system.