New Zealand Central Bank says data system hacked, sensitive information pilfered

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New Zealand Central Bank says data system hacked, sensitive information pilfered

Earlier on Sunday, the Reserve Bank of New Zealand (New Zealand’s Central Bank) had issued a statement saying that one of its data systems had been severely breached by an unidentified hacker who had accessed potentially sensitive personal and commercial data, marking up an unveiling of a second-major hacking attempt on Government agencies in less than one month.

In point of fact, latest remarks from the Reserve Bank of New Zealand followed a nine-month long SolarWinds hacking campaign in the United States which has been thought to have breached a number of conglomerates such as Microsoft Corp.

alongside a barrage of state-backed institutions including the US Treasury Department. More interestingly, the hacking incidents on New Zealand’s Central Bank alongside a number of state-backed agencies in the United States which a Democrat-led US Congress seemed to be trying to exploit to attain political benefits by framing a Kremlin-backed hacking organization, had shown clear similarities as the Reserve Bank of New Zealand was quoted saying in a statement that the hacking was conducted by illegally accessing a third-party app that the Central Bank used to store and share sensitive information.

Incidentally, the hacking event in the United States had also been steered through an illicit access into a third-party app, nonetheless, it took more than nine months to identify the existence of a breach that believed to have accessed a swathe of strategically pivotal financial and corporate intel.

New Zealand’s Central Bank data system taken offline after the hack

Meanwhile, as the Central Bank authorities in New Zealand had taken its data system offline following reveal of the breach earlier in the day, citing that the malicious attack had accessed a core of one of its data systems containing sensitive commercial and personal information, New Zealand’s Central Bank Governor Adrian Orr said in a statement, “The breach has been contained.

We are working closely with domestic and international cybersecurity experts and other relevant authorities as part of our investigation and response to this malicious attack. The nature and extent of information that has been potentially accessed is still being determined, but it may include some commercially and personally sensitive information.

It will take time to understand the full implications of this breach and we are working with system users whose information may have been accessed. In tandem, the Bank had declined to comment over the subject-matter while being asked, an Associated Press report published earlier in the day had unfurled.