Brazil’s Bolsonaro to allow China’s Huawei in 5G tender, says local newspaper

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Brazil’s Bolsonaro to allow China’s Huawei in 5G tender, says local newspaper

In the latest turn of event in a state of play that followed a change of leadership in the world’s No 1 economy, the United States which had long been one of the closest allies of Brazil’s far-right President Jair Bolsonaro, Brazilian Government had decided not to bar the world’s largest telco gear manufacturer Huawei Technologies Co Ltd at its tender to handpick a 5G vendor to develop the country’s fifth-generation telecom network infrastructure, a Brazilian local newspaper Estado de S Paulo had reported late on Saturday citing Government alongside industry sources.

If truth is to be told, an incumbent Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro who had been harshly criticized over his mishandling of pandemic-outbreak, said on several occasions last year that the largest S. American economy would not allow China’s Huawei to take part at its 5G auction scheduled to take place in June this year, while the Brazilian Government had reportedly sought for pandemic vaccines from US Pharmaceuticals such as Pfizer Inc as well as Moderna.

Nonetheless, in what could be contemplated as an abrupt shift in the Government’s foreign policy followed by a November 3 electoral defeat of the departing US President Donald Trump, widely considered as a long-term ally of President Jair Bolsonaro, Brazilian Government had reportedly been leaning towards China, the country’s major trade partner, while the Brazilian Government had also allowed pandemic-vaccine trials of Beijing’s state-backed Sinovac alongside Kremlin’s Sputnik V.

Pandemic fallouts force Bolsonaro to ward off his stance on Beijing & Huawei

More importantly, the Brazilian local newspaper, Estado de S. Paulo report had also quoted some of the senior Government officials as saying that a skyrocketing financial burden that meaded out of a global-scale pandemic outbreak alongside an exit of Trump had been forcing the far-right Brazilian President to back out from his stance on China’s Huawei.

Besides, with Beijing’s pro-CCP-backed Government being the largest LATAM economy’s No 1 trade partner alongside Huawei having been the most budget-efficient provider of fifth-generation networking gears, Bolsonaro had faced off fierce opposition within his own Government including Vice President Hamilton Mourao regarding a pro-anti Huawei stance and had been forced to allow the Chinese 5G vendor to participate in the country’s 5G auction, said the newspaper report.

In tandem, Estado de S. Paulo’s Saturday report had also quoted the Brazilian Vice President Mourao as saying that all companies which would guarantee the country’s national sovereignty and data protection, would be allowed to take part in the 5G auction slated to take place in June this year.