Nord Stream 2 says pipe-laying vessel resumes work in Danish water amid sanctions

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Nord Stream 2 says pipe-laying vessel resumes work in Danish water amid sanctions

On Sunday, a consortium led by the partially Government-backed Russian energy supermajor, Gazprom, which had masterminded the Nord-Stream 2 project, an underwater twin pipeline having had a length of 1,230 kilometres expected to transport natgas directly from Russia to Germany underneath the Baltic Sea, said in a statement that a pipe-laying vessel named Fortuna had resumed to lay down gas pipelines in Danish waters.

In factuality, a resumption of Nord-Stream 2 project, which was engineered to ramp up Russian gas supplies to Europe by bypassing Ukraine, had faced off a stringent stumbling block on late-2019 when the US Government had inclined a stiffer sanction on companies alongside individuals related to the project.

However, later last year, the Trump Administration had toughened up the hindrances by inclining another sanction on Nord Stream 2 following reports that the Gazprom-owned Nord Stream 2 had begun to lay down pipe lines as the US Government had its own vendetta to sell offshore natgas to EU countries which in effect would turn down Moscow’s regional influence on energy supplies.

Nord Stream 2 starts laying down pipelines in Danish waters amid sanctions

Apart from that, fanning up the flames further, lawmakers in the EU Parliament had passed a resolution later last week that called on the bloc to stop the Nord Stream 2 project as a response to an arrest on arrival of a Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny last week who had been seeking treatment in Germany.

Amid such chaotic political environment over the project, 90 per cent of which had already been constructed, citing a notice from Danish Maritime Authority about a resumption of Nord Stream 2 in Danish waters, the Gazprom-led Consortium behind Nord Stream 2 said, “The laybarge Fortuna has started works in the construction corridor in the Danish EEZ, ahead of the resumption of the Nord Stream 2 construction.

All works are performed in line with relevant permits. Aside from Gazprom, other parties involved in an $11.5 billion Nord Stream 2 project have been Germany’s Uniper, Anglo-Dutch energy mogul Shell, Austria’s OMV, French energy major Engie alongside BASF’s Wintershall Dea.