Volkswagen sold record 6.24 million vehicles in 2018

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Volkswagen sold record 6.24 million vehicles in 2018

On Thursday, the 10th of December 2019, the Volkswagen announced a record sale of 6.24 million vehicles in 2018, despite intense delivery problems, resulted by new anti-pollution laws. However, the company also warned that they might continue to face substantial extent of challenges in 2019.

The news came at a time, when the world has been trying to coincide with Trump’s “America first” policy, alongside trade conflict with China, and the Volkswagen had still been battling to recover from its 2015 emission test cheating scandal and confronting tighter European environment policies.

None the less, the German automaker had been trying to surge their sales and cut costs for funding a formidable shift towards the automated driving and electric car manufacturing. Citing enormous challenge ahead, A VW chief operating officer, Ralf Brandstaetter said, “2019 will once again be a year of enormous challenges for the brand, aside from volume growth we will focus even more on our profitability.

That climb in sale had largely been catalyzed by increased demand in Latin America, US and Europe, compensating a steep decline in China, as VW sales in the Asia Pacific region dropped by 1.7 percent in 2018. Despite an upbeat sales data, amid gloomier market environment, the Volkswagen shares kept plunging and today, Jan. 10th, it dipped 1.06 percent to Euro 144.92.