Washington rejects mandatory COVID test on domestic flights; airlines take a breather

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Washington rejects mandatory COVID test on domestic flights; airlines take a breather

Late on Friday, the White House said in a press briefing that the US Government had no intention to make ‘pandemic contagion tests’ mandatory for domestic airline flights, brushing aside a CDC (Centres for Disease Control and Prevention) remark made later last month that said the US agency had been looking to incline mandatory covid-19 tests before domestic airline flights.

If truth is to be told, had US CDC order been turned into a law, there might be a steep downturn in air traffics, leading to dire consequences for an already pandemic-hurt US aviation industry, suggested analysts. In factuality, latest announcement from the White House came forth shortly after a virtual meeting between the Chief Executives of major US airlines such as American Airlines, United Airlines and Southwest Airlines and the White House pandemic response coordinator Jeff Zients.

Nonetheless, as beforementioned, US CDC had been quoted saying in a statement later last month that the agency had been “actively looking” to expand its mandatory tests for pandemic pathogens for the US passengers seeking domestic air travels.

White House rejects pandemic-pathogen tests before domestic air travel

Apart from that, followed by an hour-long meet with the Chief Executives of a number of heavy-weight US airlines, a spokeswoman for White House, Jen Psaki said in a press briefing, “Reports that there is an intention to put in place new requirements, such as testing, are not accurate”.

On top of that, top officials of White House were quoted saying followed by the press briefing that any kind of CDC order would require to be endorsed by other federal agencies alongside the Biden Administration before turning into a law, while so far, no formal orders were circulated and officials were not anticipating a mandate in a near term that would need negative pandemic-pathogen testing before domestic flights.

Meanwhile, followed by the meet with White House pandemic response coordinator Zients, Chief Executive of Airlines for America industry group, Nick Calio said in a statement, “We had a very positive, constructive conversation focused on our shared commitment to science-based policies as we work together to end the pandemic, restore air travel and lead our nation toward recovery”.