US airline passenger traffics tumble 60.1% in 2020, fall to lowest since 1984

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US airline passenger traffics tumble 60.1% in 2020, fall to lowest since 1984

On Tuesday, the US Department of Transporation said in a statement that US passenger traffics had witnessed their steepest annual plunge since 1984 last year as a still-raging pandemic outbreak had decimated the demands of air travels in 2020.

On top of that, the US Transporation Department was quoted saying in the statement issued late in the day that US passenger traffics tumbled as much as 60.1 per cent last year on a year-on-year basis, while an approximated 368 million Americans had travelled through airways last year, down from a reading of 922.6 million passengers registered in 2019.

Besides, the Government data had also revealed that the previous record lows had been 351.6 million passengers back in the 1984s.

US International air traffics totter more than 70 per cent in 2020

Aside from that, according to the statement from US Department of Transportation (DOT), while December air travels tottered by 62 per cent despite a busy holiday season, down from the declines recorded in November, US Domestic air traffics dropped 58.7 per cent last year and international traffics fell by 70.4 per cent as many countries had inclined strident international travel ban in a bid to contain the spread of pandemic outbreak.

Adding further holocaust, ‘Airlines for America,’ an industry trade group that represents Delta Air Lines, Southwest Airlines, United Airlines alongside others, said followed by the DOT statement that nine of the top-tier US airlines had been met with a caustic loss of a whopping $46 billion excluding taxations last year and US passenger traffics might not return to a pre-pandemic level until at least 2023 or 2024.

If truth is to be told, although US aviation and entertainment industry had borne the heaviest brunt of the pandemic outbreak, US President Joe Biden proposed $1.9 trillion in pandemic stimulus bill would likely to involve a $14 billion fiscal package for US airlines, which in effect will help American carriers prevent the lay-offs of thousands of workers at least until September 30.