Menlo Park’s Facebook blocks news feeds for Australian users

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Menlo Park’s Facebook blocks news feeds for Australian users

Amid competing narratives on whether a payment to Australian publishers could be vindicated to display their news contents in Facebook’s news feeds, Facebook Inc said earlier on Wednesday that it would make its news feeds unavailable for Australian readers, driving possibilities of a protracted legal battle between the Australian Government and the social networking megalith.

Nonetheless, latest announcement from the Menlo Park, California-based world’s No. 1 social networking behemoth that owns four out of top six internet services providers across the globe such as Facebook, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram and added a new divergence to internet advertising market monopolization, came forth days after the world’s largest internet services provider Google LLC had agreed to create a new platform which would only showcase the contents for which it had to pay off the Australian publishers and broadcasters, bowing down to Australian federal Government which has been planning to incline a new law that in effect would force Facebook Inc and Google LLC to pay for the contents that they would be using from the Australian publishers.

Facebook argues news outlets voluntarily post their contents

However, latest Facebook move to block Australian users from being able to read and share its news feeds, marked up a strident stance from the social networking giant even as Google LLC agreed to kneel down amid a flurry of fierce attacks from the news publishers in Australia, which have long been blaming the internet ad industry megaliths for killing off their advertisement revenues.

Conversely, throwing lights on the flipside of the coin, Facebook was quoted saying earlier in the day that the legislation proposed by the Aussie Government “fundamentally misunderstood” Facebook Inc’s connexion with publishers adding Australian news publishers voluntarily posted their contents’ links in Facebook platforms in a bid to engendering a higher volume of traffic which helped them earn an approximated AU$407 million in referrals’ revenues last year.