Illinois’ Kraft Heinz, General Mills & Kellogg tap into direct online sales

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Illinois’ Kraft Heinz, General Mills & Kellogg tap into direct online sales

A bundle of big-league packaged food giants likes of Chicago’s Kraft Heinz, Minnesota’s General Mills and Michigan’s Kellogg have been gearing up sales to consumers through their own online channels in a bid to unravel more solid data on online shoppers’ buying habits amid a sharp uptick in spending on online grocery shopping last year which had been roughly 45 per cent up from a year earlier.

In point of fact, latest transmutation in a number of US brick-and-mortar packaged food companies came forth as pandemic-wary Americans turned to almost entirely online last year while stockpiling households and groceries during the peaks of pandemic, while US consumers spent roughly $1,271 on an average to purchase groceries online, while in-store purchases rose by only 7 per cent last year to $3,839 per consumer on an adjusted basis, data from market research firm Earnest Research had revealed.

On top of that, apart from packaged food companies such as Kraft Heinz, General Mills and Kellogg, PepsiCo sold off a swathe of products ranging from Doritos to Quaker Oats to Gatorade directly to online shoppers via two websites, and, both of which were rolled out last year.

Kraft Heinz to sell products directly to consumers online in UK, Australia & EU

Meanwhile, as the Velveeta-Cheese maker Kraft Heinz has been looking to ramp up sales directly to the consumers on a website “Heinz to Home” in UK, Australia and Europe apart from the United States, speaking at a virtual conference of Analyst Group of New York later this week, Kraft Heinz Chief Executive Miguel Patricio was quoted saying that direct online sales in the packaged food company, which had witnessed its e-commerce sales having been doubled last year, was representing more than 5 per cent of its global sales earlier this year.

Besides, addressing to consumers’ purchasing behaviour in online, Kraft’s head of international business, Rafael de Oliveira said at the same conference, “Sales on the site are “giving us valuable insights into consumer behaviour, enabling us to quickly test and learn from innovations.