Indian farmers optimistic on next-gen GM seed after Monsanto Patent victory

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Indian farmers optimistic on next-gen GM seed after Monsanto Patent victory

After the US-based Monsanto had won a patent victory in India regarding their Genetical Modified cotton seeds earlier this week, the Indian farmers appeared to be optimistic that the Monsanto might now launch their next-gen GM seeds.

In order to transform the country’s agriculture and to boost cropping industry, the Indian government had first approved Monsanto’s GM seed traits in 2002 and later on 2006, the government also approved an upgraded variety of that cotton seed.

After that, during the past decade, the company had not been making the newer traits available for the Indian farmers and they also had withdrawn an approval-seeking application for their latest variety in the wake of a royalty dispute with the government, alongside worries over the patent claims.

However, earlier this week, the High Court of India had ruled that the Monsanto would be able to claim patents for their genetically modified cotton seeds, which rekindled a sheer anticipation among the Indian farmers, that the latest variety of genetically modified cotton seeds of Monsanto might soon be available to them.

Urging for newer technologies in the Indian cropping industry, a cotton farmer in the western state of Maharashtra, Shrikant Kale said, “We don’t understand legal issues but we want new technologies. If the court verdict helps seed companies in bringing new technology, then it would be good for us as well,” added the cotton grower.