Cupertino’s Apple to pay off $308.5 million for patent infringement

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Cupertino’s Apple to pay off $308.5 million for patent infringement

Late on Friday, a Federal Jury in a court of Texas had ruled that Apple Inc., the Cupertino, California-based iPhone manufacturer, would have to lay off a stark total of $308.5 million in punitive measures to Personalized Media Communications LLC (PMC) for potential violatation of a patent related to its digital rights management, holding on to an ealier appeals' court verdict that had overturned a US patent office decision last year which had been insulating the iPhone maker since 2015.

On top of that, the Jury had also ordered the largest tax payer in the US, Apple Inc., to keep paying off a royalty to PMC, which is usually based on the amount of sales of a service or a product. Nonetheless, expressing sheer disappointment, Apple said in an emailed statement followed by the verdict, “Cases like this, brought by companies that don’t make or sell any products, stifle innovation and ultimately harm consumers,” adding that the iPhone-maker has been brewing off an option to appeal in a higher court.

Apple Inc. to pay off $308.5mn to PMC over potential patent infringement

In point of fact, the long-running legal debate on Apple Inc.’s patent infringement related to its digital rights management, had been rooted back in the 2015s as beforementioned, while PMC, a Texas-based licensing firm, had filed a lawsuit against the Cupertino-based iPhone maker over accusation that its iTunes services had infringed as many as seven of its patents.

Nonetheless, followed by the lawsuit, Apple Inc. had successfully turned down PMC’s case at US patent office, but in March last year, an appeals court had overturned the US patent office's decision, opening up a potential window of opportunity for PMC for another trial.

However, licensing firm PMC had dozens of patent infringement cases pending against tech tycoons likes of Netflix Inc., Inc. alongside Alphabet Inc.’s Google LLC.