Tesla's Musk says EV maker would be shut down, had it spied on China, elsewhere

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Tesla's Musk says EV maker would be shut down, had it spied on China, elsewhere

Late on Saturday, Palo Alto, California-headquartered world’s No. 1 automotive industry Goliath Tesla Inc. Chief Elon Musk said that the e-vehicle maker would have already been shut down, had it been used for espionage purposes in China or elsewhere, a soft signal putting in the mail in response to a harsh Beijing decision to bar Tesla Inc.

vehicles’ access into Chinese military facilities over national security concerns. In point of fact, a day earlier, a media headline had unveiled that Chinese military officials had petered out Tesla Inc. vehicles’ access into Chinese military facilities citing that the cameras implanted on the vehicles could be exploited for spying.

As his first remark over the media topline that underscored a Beijing ban on Tesla vehicles’ entrance into the Chinese military facilities, speaking in a prominent Chinese forum during a virtual discussion, Tesla Chief Elon Musk said late on Saturday, “There’s a very strong incentive for us to be very confidential with any information.

If Tesla used cars to spy in China or anywhere, we will get shut down”.

Beijing bans Tesla vehicles’ access into Chinese military facilities

On top of that, latest restrictions on Tesla vehicles in China, the California-based American e-vehicle maker’s second-largest market that accounted for roughly 30 per cent of its global sales last year, came forth as Chinese diplomats were holding a precarious talk with Biden Administration officials for the first time on record in the US state of Alaska.

Concomitantly, although the talks had started off with Spartan criticism on China’s handling of Hong Kong’s sovereignty as promised in a 1997 accord when UK had handed over the island city to China alongside Beijing’s mistreatment of a minority Muslim Uighur community, stoking frets of further exacerbation of a protracted trade row that had disarrayed assets worth of trillions of dollars over recent years, Tesla’s Musk had urged a greater mutual trust between two of the world’s largest economies, a call for greater good which would more likely to be met with a deaf ear from both parties.

Nevertheless, Tesla Inc. has been expecting a higher competition over its share on Chinese automotive market from domestic rivals likes of Nio and Geely this year.