Virginia's TSA says US air traffic tops 1.5mn for first time since early-March 2020

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Virginia's TSA says US air traffic tops 1.5mn for first time since early-March 2020

In latest vindication of a vivid recovery in US aviation industry, one of the hardest hits during the pandemic outbreak, the US TSA (Transporation Security Administration) said in a statement on Monday that the agency had screened more than 1.5 million air travellers over the weekend for the first time since early-March last year, as air traffics continued to recoup from a pandemic-inflicted perilous plunge.

In point of fact, latest TSA data illustrating a rapid uptick in demands in US air travels came against the backdrop of a swathe of upbeat comments from executives of leading US airlines ranging from Southwest to American Airlines last week, while a majority of them were anticipating an abrupt turnaround in US air traffic by Spring this year.

US air traffic ticks up as vaccination drive propels advanced bookings

If truth is to be told, a still-raging pandemic outbreak had inflicted incisive wounds into a high-flying global aviation industry earlier last year following a mass-scale international quarantine measure and travel ban with US passenger volumes jolting as much as 60 per cent, nonetheless, a number of stimulus packages including a $25 billion disbursed in January aimed at helping the US airlines keep almost all of their employees on payroll at least until August 29, assisted US aviation industry to see through the pandemic last year.

Nonetheless, following an acceleration in vaccination drive in recent weeks, aviation industry had witnessed an increase in demand and advanced bookings, as US TSA was quoted saying earlier in the day that it had screened as many as 1.54 million people on Sunday, the strongest level since March 13, 2020, marking up a consecutive eleventh day, when US air traffics topped at least 1 million per day.

Still, air travel demands in the United States have been roughly 30 per cent down from their pre-pandemic peaks.