Volkswagen recalls 150,000 Audi A3s in the United States over faulty air bag concerns

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Volkswagen recalls 150,000 Audi A3s in the United States over faulty air bag concerns

Volkswagen AG, the Wolfsburg-based German automotive industry giant that sold off the highest number of passenger cars in 2018 and 2019, but had botched to keep up the momentum amid a pandemic-battered 2020, issued a recall of more than 150,000 Audi A3 units in the United States later this week over concerns of faulty air bags, a filing to the US NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) had unveiled.

On top of that, according to the filing with US NHTSA, the recall would likely to involve 153,152 Audi A3 units manufactured between 2015 and 2020 including Sedan, Cabriolet, Etron alongside certain S3 Sedans, too. Besides, latest US recall of Volkswagen AG, the German automotive behemoth housing a swathe of brands ranging from luxury vehicles such as Audi & Bentley to sports car brands likes of Porsche, Bugatti & Lamborghini alongside budget passenger vehicles such as Seat, Scania & Skoda, comes over the heels of a mass-scale recall of Ford Motor vehicles earlier this year on faulty air bag concerns that in effect had costed the Detroit carmaker more than $600 million, while US FCA, currently a part of a merger with French Groupe PSA, Stellantis, had also been met with a similar problem back in late-2020.

Volkswagen recalls 150,000 Audi A3s in the US over faulty air bags

If truth is to be told, in context of an unprecedented scale of upsurge in recalls over faulty air bags in the United States over recent months, the filing with NHTSA said that the Audi A3s vehicle’s system might not be able to detect a passenger’s presence in the seats and could switch off the air bag even if a person had been sitting there.

Volkswagen is expected to send a letter to the affected car owners by May 21 and would contact them again once the problem is resolved, the filing added.