Menlo Park’s Facebook hackers offer details of 500 million users virtually for free

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Menlo Park’s Facebook hackers offer details of 500 million users virtually for free

Over the weekend, a leaker who claimed to posses at least 500 million Facebook users’ data including phone numbers and address, had tried to sell off private details of Facebook users, which apparently had been stolen later last year, for a few euros worth of digital asset on a well-known low-level hackers’ site, a Business Insider report had unveiled later last week citing Alan Gal, a co-founder of Israeli cybercrime intelligence firm Hudson Rock.

Surprisingly, the database containing more than 500 million Facebook users’ private details including Facebook-linked telephone numbers, had been circulating among hackers’ circle since January, while tech publication Motherboard has been the first to report the existence of such a catalogue, the Israeli cybercrime intelligence firm had reaffirmed.

Leakers offer private details of 500 million Facebook users virtually for free

In factuality, Hudson Rock’s Alan Gal was quoted saying in an interview with a press agency that he went through parts of the database what the leaker was offering and was able to verify the authenticity of leaked data, while other journalists said that they had also been able to match known phone numbers after comparing them against the details in the data dump.

Nonetheless, followed by the reveal of shocking media topline that more than 500 million Facebook users’ data had been on all sides of hackers’ community since January this year, Facebook said in a statement that the hacked data was “very old” and could be linked to a glitch which it thought to have fixed back in the August of 2019.

However, raising a red-flag on potential “social engineering attacks” over coming months by the people who might have access to the database, Gal urged Facebook users to be utterly cautious.