Seattle retailer Amazon’s Bezos, Musk top Forbes’ record-setting billionaires list

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Seattle retailer Amazon’s Bezos, Musk top Forbes’ record-setting billionaires list

Jeff Bezos, 57, founder and Chief of the Seattle-based world’s largest online retailer, Inc., topped Forbes’ annual world’s billionaires list this year with a record-breaking $185.1 billion worth of net assets, leaving the e-vehicle maker Tesla Inc co-founder and Chief Elon Musk behind at a second spot who has roughly $163.8 billion worth of net assets to-date, a Forbes Magazine report published late on Tuesday had unwrapped.

In point of fact, with Amazon Chief Bezos leading the list of ultra-wealthy for a fourth straight year in a row, this year’s Forbes’ annual world’s billionaires list included a record-shattering 2,755 billionaires with combined worth of a whopping $13.1 trillion, up from a $8 trillion last year, added the report.

Riches become ultra-richer as pandemic upends livelihoods of billions of people

Apart from that, latest Forbes’ billionaires list that included a ground-breaking 2,755 billionaires with an inclusion of 493 newcomers including dating app Bumble Chief Whitney Wolfe Herd, comes over the heels of a pandemic outbreak that had endangered the global economy and pushed more than 80 million people below an extreme poverty line.

Meanwhile, referring to the impacts of a global-scale public health concern over a record-setting Forbes’ billionaires list as an upended global economy bode well for the listed, the Magazine’s Chief Content Officer, Randall Lane, said in an interview followed by the announcement, “The very, very rich got very, very richer”.

Nevertheless, followed by an Apollonian rise in vehicles’ deliveries alongside a mega-cap tech-related growth stocks’ buying-frenzy last year, Tesla boss Elon Musk perked up into a second spot from 31st last year, while French luxury goods firm LVMH Chief Bernard Arnault, Microsoft’s Gates and Facebook’s Zuckerberg had secured the third, fourth and fifth spots respectively, rounding off the top five without business magnate Warren Buffet for first time in more than two decades as tech executives appears to have dominated this year’s Forbes’ billionaires ranking.