Manhattan’s Pfizer mulls booster dose as Biden to invest $1.7bn to counter variants

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Manhattan’s Pfizer mulls booster dose as Biden to invest $1.7bn to counter variants

On Friday, the Biden Administration had issued a statement saying that it would lay off a stark upsum of $1.7 billion in a bid to help US states alongside US CDC (Centre for Disease Control and Prevention) to wage war on pandemic variants which had been rapidly spreading across the country, while New York City Pharmaceutical Pfizer alongside White House officials said in separate statements that they were contemplating a booster dose in nine to twelve months after initial shots to grow immunity against more contagious pandemic pathogen prototypes.

In point of fact, the $1.7 billion investment to ameliorate detection, monitoring and neutralization of these variants by stepping up genomic sequencing efforts, would be a part of the US President Joe Biden’s $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan which was signed off into a law earlier last month, said the White House.

Biden Administration to spend $1.7bn to battle against pandemic variants

Aside from that, the statement had also added that the $1.7 billion in new investments would be spent on three key areas, while a lump-sum of $1 billion would be disbursed to stretch out genomic sequencing of pathogen prototypes and another $400 million would be laid off to construct six research centres for genomic epidemiology, while the remaining would be invested to build a national bioinformatics infrastructure, which in effect would fast-track any potential change on genomic sequences of current variants.

Meanwhile, referring to an abrupt uptick in multiple pandemic pathogen prototypes including Brazil’s P1 variant, UK’s B.1.1.7 Kent variant, S. Africa’s B.1.351 variant alongside California’s B.1.427 and B.1429 variants reported on early-March, the White House said in a statement, “The original strain of COVID-19 comprises only about half of all cases in America today.

New and potentially dangerous strains of the virus make up the other half”. On top of that, while a senior White House official was quoted saying later this week that the US Government was working out a booster shot for the people already being inoculated against the pandemic’s earlier variants in nine to twelve months, Pfizer Inc Chief Executive Albert Bourla said that the people would “highly likely” need a third booster dose of vaccine within 12 months and might require annual shots.